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Assessment Request
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who reviews my formulation data?
A: You can signify whether you prefer the ingredient data to be seen by both your customer and MBDC or by MBDC only. Within MBDC, only technical staff will view and assess the data.

Q: Is signing a non-disclosure agreement with MBDC and/or my customer required for data exchange?
A: MBDC considers all ingredient data to be confidential and manages it as such. If necessary from your perspective, then MBDC will gladly execute a mutual non-disclosure agreement with your company to cover data exchange.

Q: Is it sufficient for my company to demonstrate that we meet all applicable government regulations for human health and the environment?
A: No. Some of the criteria and cut-off values that MBDC uses to assess materials and products varies from and/or exceeds current regulations.

Q: Why do you need formulation data for all ingredients present at 100 ppm or higher?
A: The level of 100 ppm is to identify and measure any intentionally added ingredients. Substances present because of unintentional contamination should exist at concentrations of less than 100 ppm.

For any additional questions, please contact MBDC or your customer.